A Chat With...

Ahmad Yilmaz

Sr. Creative Manager

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Why did you pick No Limit Agency as the next stop in your career?

Back in my young entrepreneur days, we actually hired NLA as our PR agency. I worked very closely with NLA then and thought how fun and challenging it would be to do work for multiple brands for a change. And here we are.

What do you love most about working at No Limit Agency?

I have 3 giant displays that my computer is connected to. As a designer, that’s what’s up.

What do you wish the outside world would think about No Limit Agency?

That NLA boasts a robust digital/creative/social team that could rival any renowned agency out there.

What has been your proudest moment at No Limit Agency?

Receiving the agency’s Most Creative award was pretty cool.

In what ways will No Limit Agency become the greatest mid-sized agency ever?

Continue to focus on delivering great results for our clients.


Who have been influential in your life and why?

I would definitely say my parents. They sacrificed a lot to come to this country just so my brother and I would have the opportunity to go to school and embark on a career of our own choosing.

Outside of work, what do you like to do?

Reddit and chill.

Drink or food of choice?

Tacos and Coca-Cola.

What is the best gift you ever received for your birthday?

I married my awesome wife on my birthday. Can’t really top that.

If there was one brand you would love to work with, which one and why?

Would love to work with Halal Guys. I had the privilege of dining at their famed street food cart in NYC a few years back and immediately became a fan. Now that they are expanding, I think they would benefit from a little branding/design facelift to take them to the next level.