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We all have biographies. Every few years, we dazzle them up with a few more keywords, new jobs and roles. But, is that a true biography? Shouldn’t a biography be a continuation of your story that includes milestones and wins in real time? In today’s digital age, a biography is not simply the 300 words you have locked in a Word document; it’s your entire story footprint–from PR, earned print/TV/radio moments, paid ads and marketing execution, to your social media voice and complete digital footprint starting–starting with a Website and advancing into content marketing.

While our biographies are being created in real time, rarely do we pull them together to capture the complete picture.

The same is true for brands. Brands often have a simple boilerplate and rarely see the connection of silos in the delivery of their brand’s biography. At No Limit Agency, we look at a full-circle approach to creating your story.

When No Limit was founded in 2008 (yes, we know, great time to start a business), we were simply a franchise PR and Social Media agency. In 2011, our brand biography evolved into a full-service marketing agency. In 2012, we started a digital trade magazine called 1851 Franchise. In 2015, we launched a content marketing platform, advancing No Limit to a true technology company. Each of those bullet points were furthering our strategy to become a biography agency that could help brands tell their stories in the many different places where their stakeholders want to see them.

Our brand biography has grown alongside some amazing people, amazing brands and amazing stories.

At No Limit Agency, we are committed to creating a wide breadth of your stories while also maintaining consistency. When someone searches your brand, we want them to find an awesome consumer site that has moving content bridged to a development site that drives messaging about the business opportunity to a consistent flow of PR stories that drive awareness back to those sites to a social footprint that establishes your brand as an expert to a digital footprint that drives smart clicks back to your site to digital content that tells about the positive emotional aspects of your brand. (Boy, that was a mouthful!) Basically, we want to create stories in each of the silos that bleed into the others.

We also believe that a brand biography, much like your personal story, should focus on the human element. Think about the content that evokes an emotion within you. Is it about a brand simply giving money to charity, or is it about an ice bucket challenge where real people drove awareness – in a fun and personal way – about a cause? Brands don’t sell brands. People do.

Are you ready for your last agency?