A Chat With…

Lauren Kaminski

Director of Client Services

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Why did you pick No Limit Agency as the next stop in your career?

I was drawn to Nick’s energy and the excitement to be a part of an agency that does things differently.

What do you love most about working at No Limit Agency?

The people at NLA are great. I truly enjoy coming to work and joking around. We have fun and laugh while working really hard and driving the types of results that our clients are looking for. It’s a special environment.

What do you wish the outside world would think about No Limit Agency?

That more non-franchise brands would look at us and realize our untapped creativity to bring fun and new ideas to their products and services. Just because NLA was founded in the franchising world doesn’t mean that we can’t offer a whole lot more to other industries.

What has been your proudest moment at No Limit Agency?

Watching Nader on Undercover Boss was the biggest highlight I have experienced at NLA. Organizing that opportunity was really fun and also totally different than anything else I’d done before.

In what ways will No Limit Agency become the greatest mid-sized agency ever?

Every way possible. I think NLA is unmatched. There is no agency with as great of people producing as great of results, and because of that, we can’t be beat.


Who have been influential in your life and why?

My favorite English teacher in high school, who I purposely took for as many semesters as I could, Mr. Schusterbauer. He believed in me as a writer. He set me up on my path in journalism and communications. I owe him for nominating me to the newspaper staff and igniting my love for telling stories.

Outside of work, what do you like to do?

I love to workout. I teach fitness classes and love even more than working out to help others achieve their fitness goals.

Drink or food of choice?

On the weekend: Meatballs, Guacamole, Ice Cream, and Pizza. Not all together, of course. On weekdays: Protein and produce. Whomp, whomp.

What is the best gift you ever received for your birthday?

For my 16th birthday, my parents took me to New York City. We went to see two Broadway musicals and to the Today Show plaza where Ann Curry told me to chase my broadcast journalism dreams when I told her that I wanted to essentially have her job one day.

If there was one brand you would love to work with, which one and why?

Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt because I’m obsessed with the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough flavor.