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Natalie Pirc

Assistant Account Executive

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Why did you pick No Limit Agency as the next stop in your career?

I fell in love with No Limit Agency the second I stepped through the door for my interview. The agency has a professional setting with a fun-loving atmosphere and I get to work with wonderful people everyday. As a PR professional, NLA offers me the whole package in terms of gaining work experience in all aspects of PR and the media world.

What do you love most about working at No Limit Agency?

I’ve loved writing since I was young and now get to do something with it everyday at NLA. The office is a great environment to spend your work week at and everyone has such great energy to throw around.

What do you wish the outside world would think about No Limit Agency?

I hope the outside world sees how hard-working and driven our agency is. It’s a place that anyone would feel comfortable walking into and any franchise brand would be pleased to work with.

What has been your proudest moment at No Limit Agency?

Sending out my first interview confirmation has been my proudest moment at NLA so far. Everyone was so encouraging, it felt good to be apart of the team and contribute to the success of our agency.

In what ways will No Limit Agency become the greatest mid-sized agency ever?

By adding to our growing team of creative, smart individuals, continuing to partner with credible brands, and carrying on working with a purpose.


Who have been influential in your life and why?

My parents have always reminded me to be kind, happy and to work for what you want. They’ve taught me that great things don’t come easily and to never give up trying. I carry these values with me everyday in my work ethic.

Outside of work, what do you like to do?

As for hobbies, I enjoy dance, yoga and writing. In my free time, you can catch me sipping IPAs, grubbing on soft pretzels with beer cheese or watching the Office. I also like to spend time with my best friend Stella, my golden retriever.

Drink or food of choice?

See above (but pizza isn’t bad either).

What is the best gift you ever received for your birthday?

In the third grade my parents got my twin sister and I a purple Gamecube. I still cherish that present today and could probably beat the average person in Mario Kart.

 If there was one brand you would love to work with, which one and why?

Free People has been my favorite brand for years because it embodies free spirit and a glowing soul. They have really creative social media strategies and I think they’d be a very unique brand to work with.