tooltip No Limit Agency was founded in 2008 by Nick Powills.
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tooltip We are responsible for growing our 50 clients footprints.
tooltip We currently have 25 employees in our Chicago office.
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We are No Limit. A dynamic communications agency that establishes and elevates brands by delivering their message to the masses with fresh thinking and boundless creativity. Spend an afternoon in our Chicago office and you will meet writers, strategists, design gurus, social media experts and those who have mastered the art of the pitch.

Without question you will be in the heart of an idea incubator where compelling stories are uncovered, strategies are carefully crafted and most importantly, Brands are humanized.

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  • Strategy

    First we listen. Then we ideate. Ideas are only ideas unless there is a strategy to execute behind them. Strategy creates the foundation for results.

  • PR

    It’s what we pray for. When secured, PR adds credibility. And a significant amount. It fuels brand awareness. When controlled and strategic, it will impact your brand greatly.

  • Social

    It’s just another critical piece of the puzzle. People don’t love your brand, they love their friends. And there are a lot of friends in the Social world.

  • Advertising

    It’s what you pay for, but when it’s strategic and creates a connection to all other communication channels, the value increases. Don’t let ads run alone, connect back to PR, Social, Marketing and Digital.

  • Marketing

    It’s the creative juice in front of the strategy. It’s the driver of communication. It’s your voice. It’s your vision. It’s your connection to the end game.

  • Digital

    Like it or not, digital is NOW. It is how your focal points search your brand – the good, the bad and the ugly. It can be your driver and the connector, especially when executed.

7 steps to a relationship with no limit agency
  • inquire
  • chat
  • propose
  • sign
  • visit
  • wine
  • see results
  • Inquire

    You are interested in dancing, but want to make sure we are a good dance partner. We don’t want to boogey, we want slow and smooth.

  • Chat

    Let’s start on the phone. We ask you some questions, you ask us some. Let’s see if we are a match.

  • Propose

    We like you, you like us. Now we propose. To do so, we do our homework and provide a glimpse of the relationship.

  • Sign

    You decide you like us back and are ready to commit (the Facebook Official of Communication).

  • Visit

    Whenever we sign a client, we come see you on our dime. It’s a part of our DNA. This way we invest in the account with you.

  • Wine & Dine

    We will have dinner and build the relationship. Then you will educate us during our deep dive brainstorm/ education session

  • See Results

    We don’t like to wait. We want to jump start the results. Brands don’t sell brands, people do. We will leverage your people assets to tell your story.

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  • Digital

  • Medrel

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