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When No Limit Agency was created in March 2008, founder Nick Powills saw an opportunity within the agency world to deliver better relationships, strategy, service, and results while consistently accomplishing and exceeding our clients’ expectations. Today, NLA has earned national recognition within the Inc. 5000 (three times as a fastest growing company) and The Agency Post’s Agency 100 by maintaining a high level of professionalism in the eyes of our clients, the media, the industry and the public. Based in Chicago’s historic Prudential Building, our team of 30 employees represents more than 50 brands.

We are focused on becoming the greatest mid-sized agency that ever existed. To become that, we know we will have to provide a superior experience to our clients. NLA offers all services in house, giving you the one-stop-shop for all of your communications needs.

Rarely will you find a brand that has figured out how to bridge silos. Typically, when a brand creates a communication strategy, it has a PR + Social + Advertising + Marketing + Digital component, yet infrequently do all five communications umbrellas work in a unified way. After we started developing campaigns that bridged the silos, all four components began creating more ROI opportunities–together. It’s not brain surgery–it’s just taking the fundamentals and making them work together.

Just as your brand biography will grow every day, ours is, too. While we started as a Social Media and PR agency, we have evolved into full service. This is showcased in our name, too, as we have gone from No Limit Media Consulting to No Limit Agency (a move that took place in 2012).

We have had some pretty cool moments as an agency–from advertising creative in major magazines and client showcases on Undercover Boss to building out a diner on Fox & Friends and having the entire show filmed from it for three days. We are constantly challenging ourselves to come up with incredibly awesome ideas and executing on them to give you and your brand a great milestone to include in your brand biography

All great ideas start and end with great people. We have worked hard to develop a work hard, play hard culture that fosters creativity. Just as we are proud of our work, we are proud of our team.

Our team consists of professionals with a rich variety of experience, from journalism to PR, sales to design, and everything in between. We’ve built a strong reputation in the industry and bring a wealth of experience to the table.  

We hate clichés, but in the most well-worn of them all, we truly play as hard as we work. Our energetic and colorful team enjoys games of ping-pong between meetings, celebrates the week’s wins with a happy hour every Friday, and bonds through team outings and dress up days throughout the year. The fun environment we’ve created makes the time we spend in the office less about “getting the job done” and more about having a good time with peers that we respect and enjoy.

Take a look at our team’s profiles and you’ll see what makes this dynamic agency tick.

We also practice what we preach when it comes to our brand biography. We leverage our technology platform (currently built on 1851franchise.com) as our content marketing platform, create awesome ads, have a robust marketing strategy plan for our shop, execute a digital PPC plan, secure awesome media where we get to talk about our clients, and have a pretty sweet social media footprint (you should friend and follow us). Here’s some of our work:


A brand biography is not an overnight success story. It is the combination of many different moments in all forms of brand communications blended together. Our story will continue to evolve and change. Here’s an update story from our annual summit this year:

We would love to be your last agency–for your career or for your brand. Even if you reaching out is step one of us developing a relationship, we would love that opportunity.